At Obage, we sincerely believe that there is no good or bad, better or worse, it's all about your requirements. Higher pricing does not make a speaker system better and lower pricing does not neccesarily mean that the speaker system is compromised. "A sword cannot be a replacement for a small pin", as they say.

One needs to be clear about their requirements and listening criteria, and then Obage customer care can help. Share the following data with the customer care (+91-9354079547) :

  • Room area (Length X Breadth) in sq. ft.
  • Room acoustics, as in, what all sound absorbents are present in the room like mattress, furniture, curtains, carpets, etc.
  • What kind of music do you mostly listen to?
  • How loud do you prefer your music to be on the scale of low volume, medium volume, high volume?
  • What is your topmost priority in sound, bass or vocals?

You may call or whatsapp on the customer care and we shall guide you in the most sincere manner. If we cannot fulfill your requirements, we will be honest about it, promise!