Onsite Warranty Registration

Please register your product within 3 days of delivery to avail onsite warranty in the future. To register, Please see the back of this.


Terms of warranty:

  • Warranty does not cover physical damage, remote control accessories and customer's mishandling.
  • Avoid tampering wires as tampered wires will void the warranty.
  • In case of any Manufacturing defect or Malfunctioning of Obage Speakers system, Please call Obage service number at 9289825303 from Monday to Saturday 10 AM to 6 PM. Visit charge of Rupees 350/- + Tax is applicable on technician's visit. This charge is to be paid in advance before the technician's visit.
  • In rare cases, if onsite technician is unable to solve the issue, the customer will have to courier (at own cost & risk) the system to Obage's Delhi service Center.
  • Detailed information on caring for your speaker system can be provided by our customer care team. They are just a call away at 9354079547 Mon-Sat, 10 am to 6 pm. 6. Good news! Since it's a Made in India product, even after warranty period is over, parts can be provided at a nominal cost.
Note: From sending the part to the customer and then visit of technician to the customer's location can take time. Please Co-operate. The possibility of quick service is subject to availability of PIN codes.