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Do you crave for clarity in music? Do you wish to listen to the beats of bass and sparkle of highs even at low volume? Is music fun for you? Is music a part of your life? If all your answers are YES, a big resounding YES, then Obage DT-31 has been crafted for you.

 It possesses a V-shape sound signature which is the most “FUN SOUNDING” sound signature, as the bass and highs are boosted to an optimum level in order for you to catch every beat of music with utmost clarity. LOUDNESS LOVERS SHOULD LOOK ELSEWHERE AS THIS IS NOT MEANT FOR THEM.
After collecting tons of data of customer feedback, DT-31 was curated. This led to a rare combo for thumping bass and yet clear vocals. The craziest thing about Obage DT-31 Dual Tower speaker system is that it provides a detailed sound at each volume level. The thump of bass, the clarity in vocals, the crispness in high frequency instruments will be heard even at low volume. Crazy! Isn’t it?


Sound signature

We design our speakers with “music at heart’’ and “listener on mind’’


  • Style
    Dual Tower speaker system
  • Size
    (H X W X D)
  • 18.1" X 6.2" X 12.25" (Each Tower)
  • Frequency Range
    50Hz - 15kHz
  • Electrical Power Output
    100W maximum
    4 x 3 Inch
  • SPEAKER 4 x 3 Inch Area Coverage:
    Up to a maximum of 200 sq.ft. of closed room (NOT for loudness of sound)Bass Reflex, Front Firing
  • Subwoofer
    2 X 5.25 Inch